Restoration Services

For more than 40 years, L.A. Frame Co. has provided quality and professional restoration services for our clients’ frames, paintings, textiles and works on paper from our Green Brook, New Jersey shop. Our team of talented conservators has years of experience and the sensitivity to bring deteriorating art back to its original beauty.

There is little pleasure in living with a piece that is degraded and deteriorating. Restore it and you will not only revitalize your art, you will invigorate your home! Call us today to learn more about our art restoration services.

Frame Restoration

An antique frame is made with intricate woodwork and time-honored craftsmanship. We can fix the damage on your aging frame, restoring its original luster. Our team knows how to stabilize, re-build and re-finish your antique frame. Restoring your frame not only adds visual appeal, it also protects the value of your antique piece.

Picture Frame Restoration

Broken octagonal key-corner frame rebuilt and re-gilded in 22K gold over red clay.

Oil Painting Restoration

Damage and wear to oil paintings is inevitable. They consist of layers of various materials that expand and contract at different rates . This causes cracking and chipping.. Our dedicated professionals are well versed in oil painting restoration and have the knowledge and skill to clean and fully restore art to its previous beauty. With oil painting restoration, it’s important to use products that will not harm the media. L.A. Frame Co. takes great care to not only restore, but to protect your valued art.

Oil Painting Restoration

Oil painting portrait, circa 1740, mounted to a new linen support, in-painted and re-varnished.

Textile Restoration

Rugs and other textiles offer unique challenges when it comes to restoration. It is crucial for the restorer to consider knot-count, color, and material. L.A. Frame Co. will de-acidify, remove stains, repair damage and restore your textile to its true authenticity. Our team knows the ins-and-outs of textile restoration; our talented professionals will handle your treasured piece with care.

Textile Restoration

1842 sampler honoring the death of a twin sister; de-acidified, washed, then consolidated with webbing and stitching over unsized cotton.

Paper Restoration

Paper Restoration

This stained and torn etching had been mounted, stabilized, de-acidified and cleaned.

Works on paper are delicate and if left unprotected will degrade and deteriorate. Most damage can be reversed by the expert conservators at L.A. Frame Co. Whether it’s an important document from your family’s history, a treasured engraving or an antique movie poster, L.A. Frame Co. has the knowledge and the tools to repair and revitalize your aging paper.

Diploma before and after paper restoration

1942 University of Havana diploma; badly damaged, brittle, and stained, this piece was mounted, stabilized, de-acidified, and cleaned.