How We Ship Delicate Structures Safely and Efficiently

A Murano glass sculpture of a tortoise

Recently, a customer asked us to ship a Murano glass sculpture of a tortoise from New Jersey to Florida. This task posed different challenges than packing for shipment of framed artwork, which we do more frequently. But we were able to successfully complete the request without issue. Here’s a breakdown of how we were able… Read more »

Why Choose to Frame Your Photographs

framed photographs

As a photographer, there are so many ways to display your photographs these days. With the ability to post photographs on social media every minute of every day, there isn’t really a need to print out your photos and frame them. Well, a professional photographer would beg to differ. The problem with posting on the… Read more »

Bring New Life Back to an Old Frame

Frame restoration

Decades of exposure to home air, dirt, dust and sunlight can wreak havoc on your antique framing. Whether it’s a cherished wooden frame around a favorite artwork or a classic find that you fell in love with at an antiques sale, restoring the look and color of a frame is an intricate and intensive task…. Read more »

Capturing Memories with Shadow Box Framing

Shadow box frame with American flag and medals

With Veterans Day this week, it’s worth considering the many honored servicemen and women and their descendants who look back upon their medals or accolades in remembrance of their service and their fellow comrades. Whether you’re a former service member or the son or daughter of a veteran, you want to keep the medals and other memorabilia… Read more »

Restoration of Art on Paper

Restored artwork

Sunlight and age, dirt and dust. These and many other influences can damage artwork and documents over time, causing fading, discoloration and even staining. Paper is one of the most difficult media types to fully and properly restore, but the experts at L.A. Frame Co. have experience working with these precious documents to bring them… Read more »

Crating and Packaging Art for Shipping

Packaged artwork

When you’re considering sending artwork through the mail, the first thought that comes to mind is the safety of your prized prints and paintings. Whether large or small, framed or unframed, mirrors, paintings or any other work, each requires special care to arrive intact at their destinations. There are two main methods of crating and… Read more »

A Handy How-To on Hanging Heavy or Oversized Items

Large, heavy and oversized pieces of artwork make beautiful, unique and bold statements in your home. After investing a large amount of time and money in these pieces, the next step is safely hanging and anchoring your artwork to display it in your home. Tools First, the RedDotBlog outlines the tools that you need to… Read more »

Add a Fresh Look to Your Home with Mirrors

One of the recent trends in interior decoration has been adding accent and decorative mirrors to help add character and appeal to a room. A mirror can add a sense of depth or reflecting lighting and improve the brightness and color of a space. A custom-designed mirror is the perfect way to add a unique… Read more »


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